Riven Fantasy - Port Blacksand

2013.03.14 - the saga continues...
The morning after the "Festival of the Sea Below"

Session summary…

  • Salem, Hymla & Knit wake up on Herring Wharf amongst drunken sailors, strumpets and vagabonds, in the remains of the Sailors Rest main room, in between twitching bodies, pools of vomit, broken casks, and the brightly coloured tatters of old flags and rag pennants late morning after the Festival of the Sea Below. * stumble over sleeping figures into the chill misty haze of the Fish Market District dock front
  • They decide food is needed and that, given their current financial situation, as the tab at the “Golden Haddock” fine fish house was underwritten by Hyram Yilk this was the best way of filling aching guts with some quality broth and some rum and grog hair of the dog.
  • After some witty pleasantries and disturbing attempts at flirting/seduction from Salem exchanged with Gillian the buxom fishwife owner, the group settle down to discuss their next steps and the pressing matters relating to the thieves guild, The Mermaid and its ominous trapdoor, and goings-on at the Residence the previous night.
  • Preparation was obviously needed for their imminent activities, so dragging themselves from the warm fishy embrace of the ’Haddock they make their way towards the “Jolly Eel” in search of their man-about-town, Coopla…
So whats next then?

So, when the next session?



10. [how to get out of and into sticky situations, and looking for armour...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Bugga]

[Locations: Port Blacksand, “The Jolly Eel”, “Teels Tailoring” on Hake Street, Mafoots shop, “Golbron the Armourer”, The Singing Bridge, Melgar in Sloop Alley north of the river, and a whorehouse off Herring Wharf]

Looking for ways to spend money on quality noble seafaring clothes and custom armours for the party, and finding that people with standards don’t like goblins, whilst discussing many things including what to say to Hyram, the future, strange goings-on, and what jobs to take to pay for everything…



09. [returning to Blacksand with good & bad news...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Bugga, (+????)]

[Locations: Silverton, the “Witches Eye” & “The Green Dragon” ; the road to Blacksand ; Port Blacksand, south of the
river, “The Jolly Eel”]

Where the group return to Blacksand to complete their job and hand over the book, then return to the Jolly Eel to
tell Hyram of the bad news regarding Cassius…

8. [In the remains of the elven village...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, (+??)]

[Locations: the decimated elven hamlet of Ashstock ; Silverton, the Witches Eye & The Green Dragon]

The aftermath of the desperate fight in the elven hamlet, the loss of Cassius, a funeral pyre and some deals in Silverton…


1 x small apple-sized ceramic globe (Fire Globe, like the one used on Hymla)
2 x phial of swirling white-ish liquid with bone fragments floating within (seemed to produce Skeletons from its distilled goop when broken open)
1 x phial of thick black liquid
1 x phial of dark red warm liquid with brighter red spots floating around
1 x phial of greyish opaque liquid
and 1 large phial of a thin black liquid shot through with occasional swirling veins of dark red…

1 x Small dark leather bound tome (with a broken clasp stamped with tbe Blacksand Wizards Guild emblem), runic writing on outside, written in runes within around varying forms of alchemical diagrams ; plus various encoded alchemical notes in elven

Misc small elven carvings & decorations/artwork (~ 200 GP)
2 elven steel knives (dam: 2) (35 GP each)
180 Silver Pieces (gathered from various cabins)
Misc useful herbs for cooking (
12 GP)
2 medicine pouches (8 applications, +2 bonus to medicine/first aid) (25 GP)
1 elven steel woodaxe (dam: 5) (
80 GP)
3 handaxes (normal) (10 GP each)
6 shortbows (normal) (
8 GP each)
6 quivers of 10 arrows each (normal) (4 GP all-in)
fletching tools (
5 GP)
1 enchanted sharpening stone (??)

Misc Cooking & crafting tools – left behind
misc woodsman & elven clobber – left behind
much furniture – left behind and burnt

7. [Confrontation with insane alchemist in the elven village...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Cassius, Knit]

[Locations: wilderness trails to the Ashwood ; the elven hamlet of Ashstock…]

The group find and enter the elven village and alchemical/undead hell breaks loose.

The hired woodland trapper gets you directly to the target all stealthy like, a covert scout of vil in the woods reports picture perfect idyllic elven village with inhabitants very quietly going about their business, a camp out for the night in the damp wilds of the outer woodlands and much planning leads to a quiet approach the next morning.

Seeing a bright and pretty and quiet elven village with a dryad stone fountain in the middle clearing, the intrepid
band enters with no reaction or seeming notice from the inhabitants, even when poked and prodded. After some
investigating of the cabins (left un-maintained inside), and the fountain (the water tasted strange and made Cassius feel somewhat sick), some magics are cast revealing the area is permeated with strong magic everywhere, and disturbingly checking for thoughts reveals none except a faint trace at the north end of the village. Salem & Hymla then accost one of the villagers tending pots by the fountain, bend him over it and slit his throat, to no reaction from the victim, no marks, though when a small amount of blood falls into the waters there is a strange tingling all around and some witness a shimmering of the scene as though seeing a reflection in water waver after a pebble is dropped in. Some take water out of the village but to no obvious change, then returning, while Hymla and Salem smash at the seeing fountain, causing further ripples in the scene momentarily revealing another simpler village in place of the current one. Mafoot then casts a spell to sense the presence of undead, revealing a large number in the area once he moves towards the villagers that are now walking around the edge of the clearing, at which point all hell breaks loose to the now half-remembered whisper on the breeze suggesting they will never leave the village alive…

As the fountain is finally smashed showing a smaller stone spring choked with sticky thickly flowing blood, the massive illusion it was apparently maintaining fails revealing a simpler more wooded elven village and the villagers in normal woodland garb, pale, empty of life and blood and with a feral look in their eyes as they run to attack at the sound of an ominous clang…
The band, surrounded, use every ounce of strength, magic and power at their disposal to keep the feral zombies at bay, with the sorcerous energies of Knit driving many out of the strangling reach of the parties throats and the
mental powers of Cassius shifting the cauldron from the alchemist and delaying the effect of his dark mixings and
Mafoots magical barriers keeping one avenue unaccosted. When things look grim magics, strange powers, strong arms and stout hearts prevail forcing their way to the dark robed twisted faced alchemist and his black cauldron, through flesh, fire and bone until finally a wave of bubbling caustic acid gushes forth from the cauldron in all directions when things look dire for both sides, sweeping away the undead, burning friend and foe alike, Hymla and Cassius succumbing to the foul stew as Salem steps in and slashes his awful harpoon through the black alchemists corrupted body…

06. [getting to grips with Silverton...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot]

[Locations: Silverton – main square & “Green Dragon Inn”, dweomer lane, “The Witches Eye” Tavern on dweomer lane, The Mountain Fast" Inn near the East Gate]


Where the party visit "The Witches Eye", talk with some of the mystical locals of Silverton and bargain with a shifty trapper for guidance to Ashstock and backup in case something goes wrong..



05. [Arriving in Silverton...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, Bugga, Cassius]

[Locations: South-East of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, Silverton – main square & “Green Dragon Inn”, north road, east street, dweomer lane, Curio Shop & Supplies (Ceela), Talismongers (old witch woman), “The Witches Eye” Tavern on dweomer lane. "The Mountain Fast" Inn near the East Gate]


People & Places:

Ceela – runs the "Curio Shop & Alchemical Supplies" emporium on Dweomer Lane, off East Street [Silverton]
- alchemist who owns and runs the shop [sells “accoutrements”] ; has a burly fat-ish bloke as a guard in the shop


Pot Maker, main square

"The Green Dragon" Inn – on market square, large place with stables & courtyard

Map Maker, north road – good maps of various prices, more detail for an area (40gp), less detail & broader area (10gp), specifics marked (1-5gp extra)

Gertie’s Talismans, dweomer lane [run by Gertrude, old witchy woman]
- standard mundane witchy charms and fetishes, plus a decent amount of working fetishes, charms, talismans, sigils, marks, runes, and foci of various qualities, including curses, healing, regular 

“The Mountain Fast” Inn by the east gate, trackers, trappers, explorers, some adventurers, mostly from out of town, most work the north and east rather than the elven woods to the south or the dangerous Craggen Heights.
- Dodgy ratty bloke named Kuupla, trapper, hired to take the group into Ashwood (the Ashton Forest) to the elven village (15gp up front, 15gp on completion)

4. [Travelling the Silverton Road...]

[Salem, Hymla, Cassius, Mafoot, Knit, Bugga]

[Location: South-East of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, …]


A meeting with passing merchants, discussions over plans on finding/apprehending the missing elf, and an ambush by desperate bandits in the woodlands around 20ish miles West of Silverton.

3. [Strange occurances in dark places] - saturday long session

[Salem, Hymla, Pavis, Cassius, Mafoot, Knit]

[Location: Port Blacksand-Fish Market District, Merchant District, Temple District ; South of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, …]

[Places: Jolly Eel tavern, the third pier on Herring Wharf, A dark alley off of Catfish Street, Golbon the Armourer just off of Fork Lane, Anfret’s Tavern in the Merchant District, Trape’s Hostlers off of Market Square, The Field Gate & impaling poles, …]


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