Riven Fantasy - Port Blacksand


05. [Arriving in Silverton...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, Bugga, Cassius]

[Locations: South-East of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, Silverton – main square & “Green Dragon Inn”, north road, east street, dweomer lane, Curio Shop & Supplies (Ceela), Talismongers (old witch woman), “The Witches Eye” Tavern on dweomer lane. "The Mountain Fast" Inn near the East Gate]


People & Places:

Ceela – runs the "Curio Shop & Alchemical Supplies" emporium on Dweomer Lane, off East Street [Silverton]
- alchemist who owns and runs the shop [sells “accoutrements”] ; has a burly fat-ish bloke as a guard in the shop


Pot Maker, main square

"The Green Dragon" Inn – on market square, large place with stables & courtyard

Map Maker, north road – good maps of various prices, more detail for an area (40gp), less detail & broader area (10gp), specifics marked (1-5gp extra)

Gertie’s Talismans, dweomer lane [run by Gertrude, old witchy woman]
- standard mundane witchy charms and fetishes, plus a decent amount of working fetishes, charms, talismans, sigils, marks, runes, and foci of various qualities, including curses, healing, regular 

“The Mountain Fast” Inn by the east gate, trackers, trappers, explorers, some adventurers, mostly from out of town, most work the north and east rather than the elven woods to the south or the dangerous Craggen Heights.
- Dodgy ratty bloke named Kuupla, trapper, hired to take the group into Ashwood (the Ashton Forest) to the elven village (15gp up front, 15gp on completion)



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