Riven Fantasy - Port Blacksand


8. [In the remains of the elven village...]

[Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, (+??)]

[Locations: the decimated elven hamlet of Ashstock ; Silverton, the Witches Eye & The Green Dragon]

The aftermath of the desperate fight in the elven hamlet, the loss of Cassius, a funeral pyre and some deals in Silverton…


1 x small apple-sized ceramic globe (Fire Globe, like the one used on Hymla)
2 x phial of swirling white-ish liquid with bone fragments floating within (seemed to produce Skeletons from its distilled goop when broken open)
1 x phial of thick black liquid
1 x phial of dark red warm liquid with brighter red spots floating around
1 x phial of greyish opaque liquid
and 1 large phial of a thin black liquid shot through with occasional swirling veins of dark red…

1 x Small dark leather bound tome (with a broken clasp stamped with tbe Blacksand Wizards Guild emblem), runic writing on outside, written in runes within around varying forms of alchemical diagrams ; plus various encoded alchemical notes in elven

Misc small elven carvings & decorations/artwork (~ 200 GP)
2 elven steel knives (dam: 2) (35 GP each)
180 Silver Pieces (gathered from various cabins)
Misc useful herbs for cooking (
12 GP)
2 medicine pouches (8 applications, +2 bonus to medicine/first aid) (25 GP)
1 elven steel woodaxe (dam: 5) (
80 GP)
3 handaxes (normal) (10 GP each)
6 shortbows (normal) (
8 GP each)
6 quivers of 10 arrows each (normal) (4 GP all-in)
fletching tools (
5 GP)
1 enchanted sharpening stone (??)

Misc Cooking & crafting tools – left behind
misc woodsman & elven clobber – left behind
much furniture – left behind and burnt


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