Hyram Yilk [runs the "Jolly Eel"]

A medium sized human carrying some extra weight, with a easy smile but serious demeanor


Appears to have some connections and reputation in Port Blacksand. Runs a small tavern in the Fish Market district on Hake Street called the Jolly Eel which caters to less reputable out of towners & sailors, many of which come here for the compartive seclusion in order to do business.

 His nephew, Bobfornow, has recently taken over the position of barman at the Jolly Eel and is mostly dealing with any special customers as dictated by Hyram.

 The new kitchen maid and sometime srving girl, Knit, also works there most days.

 Seems to know a Man-orc new to the city called Hymla. Now working in the Eel as strongarm & protector.


Hyram Yilk [runs the "Jolly Eel"]

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