Riven Fantasy - Port Blacksand

2. [tracking the 'rescuers']

[Chars: Saw Tooth Salem, Mafoot, Hymla, Knit]

[Location: Fish Market District, Port Blacksand]
[Mafoots healing emporium & pie shop, Jolly Eel tavern, the Fish Market, the Golden Haddock eatery, the third pier on Herring Wharf]


Where most of the group manage to meet up…

[summary: they head to the Jolly Eel, meet with Hymla, Knit and Hyram Yilk the owner, run into the two sailors from the Bounty Rose, have a discussion with Hyram who agrees to underwrite a tab for Salem at the Golden Haddock eatery on the Fish Market in exchange for a generous return and some concesssions re: favours. They all head over where the sailors and everyone in tow gets a slap-up meal for free thanks to Salem, they discuss plans, fill their bellies, set the sailors up with some quality doxies then head over to the docks around sunset to look for any sign of Salem's gear. Nosing about near the third pier Knit has some strange feelings, a heavy thunk is heard from directly beneath their feet, despite high tide and the others getting the wind up them Hymla goes down a ladder to have a look about, notices some odd things, Salem also has a nose, smells something odd, has his foot clasped tight momentarily by something unseen from the water, then they decide it's too wet and dark to do anything now, resolving to come back at first light and low wide…]


tbc… full account to follow


(feel free to add anything of note/interest via Comments)

1. [morning in Blacksand] - first session

[Chars: Saw Tooth Salem, Mafoot, Bugga, Hymla, Bobfornow, Knit]

[Location: Fish Market District, Port Blacksand]


[map not exactly to scale


Getting to know the characters and working out their place either in Port Blacksand or how they get/got there in the first place.






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