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  • 2008.07.29

    [Chars: [[:salem]], Mafoot, Bugga, [[:8231]], Bobfornow, Knit]

    [Location: Fish Market District, Port Blacksand]


    [map not exactly to …

  • 2008.08.05

    [Chars: [[:salem]], Mafoot, [[:8231]], Knit]

    [Location: Fish Market District, Port Blacksand]
    [Mafoots healing emporium & pie shop, Jolly Eel tavern, the Fish Market, the Golden Haddock eatery, the third …

  • 2008.08.12

    [Salem, Hymla, Cassius, Mafoot, Knit, Bugga]

    [Location: South-East of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, …]
  • 2008.08.19

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, Bugga, Cassius]

    [Locations: South-East of Blacksand on the Silverton Road, Silverton – main square & “Green Dragon Inn”, north road, east street, dweomer lane, Curio Shop & Supplies (Ceela), …

  • 2008.08.26

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot]

    [Locations: Silverton – main square & “Green Dragon Inn”, dweomer lane, “The Witches Eye” Tavern on dweomer lane, The Mountain Fast" Inn near the East Gate]


  • 2008.09.02

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Cassius, Knit]

    [Locations: wilderness trails to the Ashwood ; the elven hamlet of Ashstock…]

    The group find and enter the elven village and alchemical/undead hell breaks loose.

  • 2008.09.09

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Knit, (+????)]

    [Locations: the decimated elven hamlet of Ashstock ; Silverton, the Witches Eye & The Green Dragon]

    The aftermath of the desperate fight in the elven hamlet, the loss of Cassius, a funeral pyre …

  • 2008.09.30

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Bugga, (+????)]

    [Locations: Silverton, the “Witches Eye” & “The Green Dragon” ; the road to Blacksand ; Port Blacksand, south of the
    river, “The Jolly Eel”]

    < …

  • 2008.10.14

    [Salem, Hymla, Mafoot, Bugga]

    [Locations: Port Blacksand, “The Jolly Eel”, “Teels Tailoring” on Hake Street, Mafoots shop, “Golbron the Armourer”, The Singing Bridge, Melgar in Sloop Alley north of the …

  • 2013.03.14 - the saga continues...

    Session summary... * Salem, Hymla & Knit wake up on Herring Wharf amongst drunken sailors, strumpets and vagabonds, in the remains of the Sailors Rest main room, in between twitching bodies, pools of vomit, broken casks, and the brightly coloured …