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Port Blacksand

Port Blacksand

[Using the Riven (Fantasy) 1.2 system]

A fantasy campaign set in the FF world of Titan, based around Port Blacksand… with characters that are more suspect that a box full of kickings wired with plastic explosive in the middle of a nail store.

For general Blacksand related info… http://fightingfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Port_Blacksand


""Beware Blacksand … an open sore on a dying leper! Even those who dwell there call it the 'City of Thieves', for it attracts every pirate, brigand, assassin, thief and evil-doer for hundreds of leagues around. Danger lurks in every corner of every street, as the strong prey on the weak, and the weak prey on one another.""
   — Titan: The Wide and Dangerous World, 284 AC, the Year of the Fox, Salamonis: Scrolls from the Halls of Learning. 




Saw Tooth Salem  (Sea Elf Noble, Naval Officer, unknowlingly haunted by a dark past)

Hymla  (Man-orc Jailor, standout, intimidating, marked with scars, burns and more)

Mafoot  (Human Doctor/Barber of foreign Khulian descent, fat, strange and dabbling in many magics)

Knit  (Young Human waif of a girl from the less civilised farmlands, otherworldly & wielding of wild powers)

Bugga  (Goblin born and bred in the city, scavenging from the streets andthe docklands, unstable)

Sorren Whitefang (Big, human, red haired hilltribe type, hunts monsters, disturbing to be around)

Freeto (Old human cartographer type, knows things, has maps, is slightly suss, doesn't like danger)

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